Many Computer repairing companies have pretty good services, but we instinctively know how to balance cost per repair service with quality of service and meet our customer targets. Our repair services are in-house and the customer can stick along and wait while we perform the service. Its our utmost goal to meet your expectations,but never by sacrificing on quality. We provide  free wi-fi access for customers as they wait for their machines to be worked on.

Our Expertee:
-Laptop/Desktop Hardware and Software.
-Computer Motherboards repair and replacement..
-Other ICT Equipment Repair e.g. Printers, Routers, Switches, Plotters etc.


We build custom websites for your Business and institution. If you are manager,political aspirant,business person then you need to have an online presence where you can inform your clients on ongoing activities you are undertaking.By choosing an Appleville built website, you are investing in your business and its online growth. We enable this by placing importance on understanding your business requirements in order to deliver a solution that is optimized for your target audience towards best results. We clearly know what works, what doesn’t and how to make your business enterprise website a success. At Appleville, we develop engaging websites that deliver results as well as implement a website model that improves the experience for the visitor thus providing relevant useful information to your customers. You may have customers on different geographical locations. With our digital marketing offer,we enable you to link with your online customer wherever they may be.We also expand the customers for your business by making your online customers interact with your business wherever they are and also bring in more customers for your business/enterprise


We offer affordable internet speed at your home convenience for residents within 10sq. km from Nanyuki. Our packages are 1mbps,2mbps,3mbps and at an affordable service fee.Our network coverage is stable and reliable.


Knowing the right retailer to approach is key whenever considering computer purchases. We sell brand new computers, refurbished computers and other computer accessories according to user preference. All Our Accessories have a respective warranty period attached to them. We perform free initial installations for devices purchased at our retail shop. We also keep track of the device performance within the warranty period for customers who voluntarily share their contact details with us.


Valuable computer data needs protection. Today computers, other devices and ICT equipment are connected to our daily lives. At Appleville, we mitigate and handle data risks related to your computer and help you keep your data more safely.
Our solutions solve:
-Hard disk Breakdowns.
-Power units problems.
-Institutional Back up policing.
-Cooling devices.
-Cloud Backup Formulations


We are professional computer graphic designers in all types of art work:
-Web designers.
-Company logos.
-Corporate imaging.
-Business Cards.
-Company Profiles.
-Exhibitions poster designers.


We install and maintain networks for businesses,enterprises,cybercafes and institutions.Our range is from planning, trunking, wireless access points installations to overall maintenance these networks.

At Appleville , we have over the years build skill and experience on laying out organisations and
companies LAN networks, MAN Networks and WAN networks. We extend LAN installation to include your company’s printers, wifi hotspots and file servers. This means that with every LAN installation, we ensure that users are able to share a printer as well as easily connect to your company servers for resource sharing therefore cutting down on your company’s cost.

Additionally we are contracted to support established Internet Service Providers of WLAN networks. We also offer LAN and WAN administration services for companies as well as Consultancy and maintenance on the same.

With every Network installation be it Telephony,LAN , MAN,WLAN and WAN, we enforce, deploy and
institute necessary security measures to compensate for vulnerabilities that may exist. With the scope of a given network,  we are able and certified to configure security measures such as VLAN(s) and VPN(s) and offer maintenance of the same. We are able to work on your WAN connectivity, WAN Bandwidth allocation, WAN Bandwidth Management, WAN security, WAN installation,WAN Users and Group Policies, DNS issues, Subnet resolutions, WAN live Monitoring, WAN Escalation and cascades, ITIL implementations and others.

LAN: Computer Network connecting a single building or group of buildings mostly on the same site or

WAN: Connects two or more LANs. Capabilities of traversing geographical boundaries.


Appleville Kenya Ltd is a highly experienced all ICT company that provides expert technology services (support and implementation) and I.T products (hardware and software) for business organisations and institutions.

Whenever you are wondering on what technology solution is viable for your business or enterprise we are there for you.In most cases hiring an ICT expert to work for your business proves expensive in terms of Salary and financial implications. On the other hand a business that fails to take advantage on technology solutions applicable within its operation might not survive in this new Digital Kenya. We give you all services of an ICT technician for your business with our ICT support offer.